Bringing you more function
and convenience without any compromise.

Powerfoyle is made with a new groundbreaking solar-cell technology, invented and produced in Sweden by Exeger. After twelve years of research and development, it’s the beginning of a new era. It took a company from the darkness in Sweden to invent the most resilient solar-cell technology in the world. Designed to power electronic devices from  indoor and outdoor light where we live our everyday lives. 


We are working hard together with leading companies all over the world to make this technology available in your favorite devices. First time ever you can experience the magic is in the amazing smart helmet Omne Eternal by POC, a company progressive in design and safety within sports-protection and apparel. POC has successfully integrated Powerfoyle seamlessly in the top of the helmet. This is just the beginning and very soon many more self-powered products will be available.


The Powerfoyle material is integrated on the top of the helmet and is automatically charging from any light source.


This to enhance a rider’s safety on the road. The Omne Eternal gives safety and light, from clean endless energy.


Powerfoyle is not only cutting edge high-tech its Hide-tech! Powerfoyle can be custom made into almost any shape and can mimic other materials for example, fabric, leather and many more. Due to its flexibility and durability Powerfoyle can be seamlessly integrated in your products. You might not even see that it´s there…