Bringing function and convenience, powered by light

Powerfoyle is groundbreaking solar cell technology, invented and produced in Sweden by Exeger. After twelve years of research and development, it’s time for a new way to power your devices. It took a company from the darkness in Sweden to invent the most resilient solar cell technology in the world. Designed to power electronic devices with indoor and outdoor light where we live our everyday lives.


Exeger works with leading companies all over the world to bring endless energy to your favorite devices, made by your favorite brands. Here are some of the products that already offer the magic of Powerfoyle:

For endless listening powered by light, Urbanista offers the Los Angeles over-ear headphones, the Phoenix true wireless earbuds, or the Malibu portable speaker. For those with an active lifestyle, you can enjoy the music that motivates you to go the distance with the adidas RPT-02 SOL sport headphones.

To keep you protected as you cycle, the Omne Eternal by POC is a smart helmet with an automatically activated light that is always charged, always ready. 

For communication in the harshest work environments, look for ModCom EcoPro communications headset from D3-Tech Partners. Professional truck drivers in the US can rely on the Blue Tiger Solare headset to be in constant contact with dispatch and other drivers.  Coming in 2024, you can find the  3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ ALERT™ XPV Headset.

For your four-legged friends, Spåra Hund is a dog harness with a built-in GPS tracker that alerts owners when their dog leaves a designated area. With smart tracking powered by solar energy, owners can experience peace of mind and virtually endless battery life.


Los Angeles headphones


Phoenix true wireless


Malibu portable speaker

adidas Headphones

RPT-02 SOL headphones

Blue Tiger

Solare communications headset


Spåra Hund dog tracker


Omne Eternal helmet


Powerfoyle is seamlessly integrated into products like the POC Omne Eternal and Urbanista Los Angeles’ headband. The solar cell continuously charges in any light source. For example, 1 hour outside with Urbanista Los Angeles gives 3 hours playtime.


The Powerfoyle material harvests all forms of lights, and gives POC Omne Eternal safety and light.

Simply placing the helmet on the head will automatically activate the technology, enhancing safety without ever needing to think about it.


Powerfoyle is not only cutting-edge high tech, it is what we call hide tech. Powerfoyle can be custom-made into almost any shape and can look like other materials, for example, fabric, leather and more. Due to its flexibility and durability, Powerfoyle can be seamlessly integrated in your products. You might not even see that it´s there.