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Company update December 02, 2021

Exeger enters collaboration with Mayht to create world’s first self-powered portable speakers with infinite playtime

The prototype of the new speakers showcasing Exeger’s Powerfoyle and Mayht’s Heartmotion technologies will be unveiled at CES 2022.

The partnership between Exeger and Mayht has resulted in the creation of a reference design for self-powered speakers which consumer electronics brands can integrate into their future products.

Exeger, the Swedish deep-tech company behind Powerfoyle, today announces its collaboration with Dutch audio-tech startup, Mayht ( to create the world’s first light-powered speakers with infinite playtime. The prototype will be showcased behind closed doors at the forthcoming CES event (in Las Vegas, January 2022) and can charge using both natural (sunlight) and ambient (indoor) light.

The partnership will result in the creation of a new category of truly wireless audio technology that offers eternal battery life. This incredible leap forward in innovation is achieved through the combination of Exeger’s pioneering Powerfoyle material and Mayht’s speaker driver technology. Powerfoyle converts all forms of light into clean, endless energy and has the unique ability to be formed and shaped to blend seamlessly into both new and existing products without compromising design and aesthetics. By combining Powerfoyle with Mayht’s HeartMotion speaker driver technology; a highly compact and balancing-core, consumer electronics manufacturers no longer need to design audio products constrained by the limits of conventional speakers and can, for the first time, offer truly unlimited battery life.

The prototype of the new light-powered speakers, a reference design showcasing technology that brands can integrate into future consumer products, is yet another mark of Exeger’s continued expansion within the audio industry; a sector that is set to grow by USD 28.37 billion during 2021-2025.

“Exeger and Mayht have co-created an incredible product with the potential to change the way we listen to music,” comments CEO of Exeger, Giovanni Fili. “Together we are setting a new standard in the speaker market with an endless listening experience from amazing sounding speakers,” he continues. “Mayht is one of Europe’s most innovative audio tech companies and I’m incredibly proud of the product we are showcasing together at CES2022.”

“Exeger’s investment into Mayht is helping us to further broaden the scope of the revolution we are starting in the speaker technology landscape,” says Mayht Chief Executive, Mattias Scheek. “Co-creating this self-powered speaker with Exeger is one example of how our Heartmotion speaker technology can bring until now unimaginable, high quality, full-range sound experiences including full bass spectrum to the most compact everyday consumer electronics and automotive audio systems. Our vision is to make Heartmotion the new industry standard for speaker driver technology, making the best sound quality accessible to the masses.”

In addition to collaborating with Mayht to create a completely new segment of light-powered speakers with unlimited playtime, Exeger has participated in Mayht’s most recent funding round to bring the concept to market. Alongside Exeger, top-DJ and producer Martijn Garritsen, professionally known as DJ Martin Garrix, also invested as part of Mayht’s funding round.

Exeger and Mayht will be showcasing their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 5th-8th January 2022.

About Exeger

Exeger is a Swedish company with a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy. With its resilient and flexible design, the material named Powerfoyle can be seamlessly integrated into all products that benefit from being self-powered. Powerfoyle can enhance any consumer electronic product it is integrated into with extended or even eternal battery life, putting the power of cutting-edge solar technology directly into the hands of consumers. By revolutionizing the perception of available energy, Exeger makes products both smarter and more sustainable – with the vision to touch the everyday lives of billions of people. |

About Mayht

Mayht is a disruptive Dutch audio-tech start-up revolutionising speaker technology and bringing full spectrum sound to the masses.

Mayht was founded by two Dutch brothers, Mattias and Timothy Scheek, who began making speakers in their bedroom at eight years old. It’s patented Heartmotion technology is the world’s first fully balanced dual membrane driver technology, a total reinvention of the core inside working of speakers which means manufacturers can now shrink the size of their products to bring unimaginable, high quality, full-range sound experiences including full bass spectrum to the most compact speaker devices.