Powerfoyle by Exeger - Endless Energy

Stockholm, 29 April 2020

The Grand Award of Design is awarded by the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries in collaboration with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and Swedish Form, with the aim of highlighting innovative design as a significant factor behind competitiveness and profitability.

The jury's motivation reads: “Powerfoyle revolutionises consumer electronics with its solar cell solution based on artificial photosynthesis, and charges both indoor and outdoor light to create endless energy. With its flexible design, it can be adapted to the product it is integrated with, paving the way for huge commercial success.”

Powerfoyle is a unique, environmentally friendly material that converts light into energy and enables the charging of electronic products through daylight and indoor lighting. Exeger has taken inspiration from nature's photosynthesis and Powerfoyle is the result of 12 years of research. The secret behind Powerfoyle lies in the invention of a completely new type of patented nanomaterial, and the production is entirely carried out in the company's factory in Stockholm.

Powerfoyle can be applied to an endless range of areas due to its pliable and flexible nature, and Exeger is now paving the way for a whole new category of sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment.

“Winning the 2020 Grand Award of Design is fantastic. Powerfoyle is the first material of its kind in the world and we are very proud of this, of course. But perhaps we are even more proud of the fact that we have created something that could have an enormous impact on people's lives and the environment. We have gone from lab to full-scale production in twelve years, which suggests that our strategy of gathering all competencies under one roof here in Stockholm actually works.

This award is proof that our brilliant team of communicators and designers has succeeded in explaining a revolutionary nanotechnological invention, so that everyone can understand its endless technological potential. We are forever grateful to our team of incredibly competent employees, who constantly take Exeger to new levels, and the support we’ve received from our shareholders and investors” says Giovanni Fili, CEO and founder of Exeger and Dr Henrik Lindström, CTO at Exeger.

“We are extremely pleased that our innovation is getting recognised with the Grand Award of Design, which is, without question, Sweden's most prestigious award when it comes to design. It is also rather nice, of course, that we can contribute to a future recharged by light. A future without wires that does not compromise on aesthetics is revolutionary, and helping companies at the same time to begin restoring our planet's carbon dioxide balance is incredible. We are thrilled about the recognition our innovation and design receives through the Grand Award of Design," says Marcus von Euler, Chief Design Officer at Exeger.

Samsung-owned JBL is going to launch a pair of headphones that use Powerfoyle, and this is just one of many commercial collaborations underway. At the time of writing, Exeger and Swedish POC are developing a smart helmet that will be the next Powerfoyle product to reach the market. However, possible uses of the material extend from tablets and speakers to handbags and laptop cases.

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Exeger is a Swedish deep tech company that manufactures Powerfoyle, the next generation of solar cell energy. Powerfoyle solar cells can be printed in any color, in any shape and are easily integrated with consumer electronics, IoT and smart home devices. Application possibilities include headphones, tablets and smart helmets. Powerfoyle solar cells recharge in all types of light, both natural and artificial, and the cells are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process in Exeger's factory in the heart of Stockholm. Today Exeger collaborates with world-leading global brands, such as Harman Group and POC Sports, in order to reach consumers worldwide. www.exeger.com

Through a new strategic approach, JBL is exploring a sustainable, solar-powered headphone: the JBL REFLECT Eternal. A first for the brand, JBL is using Indiegogo to crowdsource interest for a solar-powered headphone with unlimited playtime. This concept marries Exeger’s revolutionary light converting material into a stylish form-factor for everyday use, paired with JBL’s legendary Pro Sound credentials. By collaborating directly with customers, JBL hopes to gain insights and feedback from consumers on self-charging, eco-friendly technology to ensure they meet the needs of the JBL user.

Consumers are able to participate in the Indiegogo campaign and provide early response to the concept. The initiative is live at https://igg.me/at/jbl through January 14th. By receiving real-time responses, JBL and Exeger will incorporate consumers’ reactions into the optimal go-to market strategy and make any necessary product adjustments to meet customers’ needs.

In response to growing consumer interest in sustainability, the prototype for the JBL REFLECT Eternal was developed for music enthusiasts looking to implement greener habits into their audio world. Unlike traditional solar cells, which require a large surface area and are optimized only for outdoor use, Exeger’s unique Powerfoyle material is specifically engineered to generate power with indoor light and indirect sunlight. This makes the REFLECT Eternal perfect for active lifestyles, allowing the headphone to continuously charge whether in the office for the 9 to 5 or meeting up with friends from 5 to 9. Exeger’s compact and efficient solar cells bring uncompromised aesthetics with virtually unlimited battery life. JBL’s popular noise management technologies, Ambient Aware and TalkThru, will also be built-in to further complement the performance.

“We are looking forward to hearing from our customers and workshopping this sustainable technology with them in real-time,” said David Owens, Vice President, Business Development at HARMAN. “JBL has been working closely with our partners at Exeger to bring this cutting-edge solar technology into a headphone with JBL’s legendary Pro Sound, and we hope our customers are as excited about it as we are. JBL is pleased to be working with the right partners to contribute where we can to a more sustainable future.”

Exeger Founder and CEO Giovanni Fili said: “I am very excited to share the first culmination of our partnership with HARMAN - one of the world’s leading technology brands. Together we will introduce a self-powered headphone that can charge from any light around you. Like every investment in integrated clean energy, the more you use the JBL REFLECT Eternal headphones, the more you help restore the carbon balance of the planet.”

Consumers who choose to participate in the crowdsourcing will have the opportunity to pre-order the headphone once it becomes available at a discounted rate. To learn more about the self-charging JBL headphones visit reflect.jbl.com or https://support.jbl.com/us/en/.

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JBL creates the amazing sound that shapes life’s most epic moments. From iconic events like Woodstock and concerts at Madison Square Garden, to games at Yankee Stadium and weekend road trips, JBL elevates listeners’ experiences with award-winning audio that lets them make the most of every moment. With unmatched professional credentials and over 70 years of delivering industry leading innovation, JBL is the authority in engineering superior sound.

JBL creates the amazing sound that shapes life’s most epic moments. From iconic events like Woodstock and concerts at Madison Square Garden, to games at Yankee Stadium and weekend road trips, JBL elevates listeners’ experiences with award-winning audio that lets them make the most of every moment. With unmatched professional credentials and over 70 years of delivering industry leading innovation, JBL is the authority in engineering superior sound.

Exeger is a Swedish deep tech company manufacturing the next generation of light harvesting technology, led by Swedish entrepreneur and CEO Giovanni Fili. Its unique dye-sensitized photovoltaic material, named Powerfoyle, converts ambient light into usable electricity, even in dim indoor conditions. Powerfoyle can enhance any consumer electronic product it is integrated into with extended or even eternal battery life, putting the power of cutting edge solar technology directly into the hands of consumers. Exeger’s carbon neutral material is screen printed at its own urban factory, allowing for versatility in production and product development, enabling Exeger’s vision of a better world where any surface can generate power through light www.exeger.com.

Indiegogo is the place for entrepreneurial projects to move quickly from concept to market, amplified by a community of backers who believe the world benefits when every idea gets an equal shot at success. Indiegogo empowers people around the world to fund what matters to them. As the world’s first crowdfunding platform, campaigns have launched from almost every country around the world with millions of dollars being distributed every week due to contributions made by the Indiegogo community. At its core, Indiegogo is the equal opportunity platform dedicated to democratizing the way people raise funds for any project –creative, entrepreneurial or cause-related. The company was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit Indiegogo.com and follow us at Twitter.com/indiegogo and Facebook.com/indiegogo.

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We’re showcasing Powerfoyle and present the material's endless possibilities at Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Book a meeting by emailing ces@exeger.com, or call +46761460404 (ms. Elin Blom) for an exclusive one to one meeting.

Powerfoyle by Exeger - Endless Energy
Powerfoyle by Exeger - Endless Energy

Safety and light – POC and Exeger partner to develop helmets with endless power

POC, which has built an international reputation on safety, innovation and design, and Exeger, a Swedish deep tech company manufacturing a unique material that converts light energy to electrical energy, are announcing a partnership which will revolutionise safety and wearable technology, by developing helmets with endless power. Commenting on the new partnership, which will be showcased at the Rouleur Classic in London, POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, said – “Safety and innovation are at the very center of what we do. Inspired by our mission we are driven to explore new ideas and innovate to improve protection for all. Over the years we have delivered many world firsts, and I am incredibly proud of our new partnership with Exeger which will introduce groundbreaking technology with the potential to revolutionise safety and wearable technology for our users.” Exeger’s unique carbon positive material converts light to electricity in ambient light conditions, both artificial and natural light. The material acts as an integrated power source and is the only material that can seamlessly enhance any product with endless power, by harnessing all light energy and converting it to electrical energy in an environmentally friendly way. Exeger CEO, Giovanni Fili, added, “POC is known for its open-minded and innovative approach to safety and are rightly recognized as the leader in the field. Over the past decade we have fine-tuned our technology, creating what many people thought was impossible, to create an innovative material with the potential to deliver endless, sustainable energy. Our long-term partnership with POC is as natural as the light we harvest and we are incredibly excited to work together to design, develop and release the next generation of smart helmets next year. The unique characteristics of Exeger’s light harvesting material, which can be formed and shaped to almost any product, allows for integration in different devices (e.g. wireless headphones, tablets and smart helmets) without compromising design and aesthetics. Together, POC and Exeger will create new smart helmets to enhance consumer safety. Exeger will bring their light powered material, enabling smart technology to be integrated into helmets. POC, experts in integrating innovation into products will lead the design of the next generation self-powered wearables.

POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, continued – “Our ‘Whole helmet concept™’ illustrates that in today’s world a helmet can, and should, do significantly more than manage impacts. By integrating digital solutions we can protect a user before, during and after an accident. Exeger’s unique material opens a world of new opportunities, creating helmets with an endless power source is the key to unlocking the ideas and innovations we have and which have the potential to revolutionize safety.” Notes to editors

The Rouleur Classic
As part of the partnership, POC and Exeger will present its technology and how they will develop, design and manufacture a self-powered helmet at the Rouleur Classic in London (31 Oct to 2 Nov, 2019).

POC’s Whole helmet concept™
Advances in science and research consistently reveal the brain’s awe-inspiring complexity and role in shaping who we are. It is central to our wellbeing, it makes us unique, it drives us, but it is also delicate, fragile and needs protecting. It hurts when you break a bone, but in most cases, it will heal. Damage the brain and the outcome is altogether less certain. That is why we created our unique whole helmet concept™ to development and testing, where each feature, component, shape and material is designed specifically to work together. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and our whole helmet concept™ with innovative materials, integrated electronics and rider optimized details is designed to work long before, during and after an impact is felt so we can enhance safety and protect any user.

About POC
POC, a leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armor and apparel, has been awarded more than 60 international safety, design, and innovation awards. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’. www.pocsports.com